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Matching your tan to your special event

For all those special moments in life, you want to look back and think “damn my tan looked good!”.

What might surprise you is that for each of these events, your spray tan won’t be the same. As experts in creating flawless tans, we know that leading up to your special event, you need a little extra somethin-somethin. We know for many, giving you a natural, sun-kissed look is just what you need to elevate your confidence and feel absolutely incredible – especially if there’s cameras left, right and centre!

Read on as we unpack four of our clients most common special events and how we help them achieve the perfect special event tan.


You’re the bride

Before your big day, we always recommend having a trial tan to ensure you’re completely happy with the tan depth and result. With many brides wanting a fresh tan for their hen’s day, we suggest using this opportunity for your trial! This is a great time for us to learn how your skin responds to tan and help us achieve the perfect formulation for your big day.

If you can, we would LOVE a sneaky peek at your dress to ensure we can highlight any features and make sure your tan complements your beautiful dress.

Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with a darker than that you’d normally have. In fact, the more natural, the better! We’re big advocates for giving our brides a lighter, more natural looking spray tan that gives them a sun-kissed glow rather than a deeply bronzed finish. This ensures that in all of your photos (think next to your bridesmaids and in both the daylight and evening), you look effortlessly glowing and not overdone.

Whilst our self-tanning products will be amazing for your honeymoon, we recommend leaving your wedding day tan to the pros. This will take some serious stress of you and your bride tribe as perfecting your glow is totally our thing.


You’re the bridesmaid

Real talk. Bridesmaids rarely look the same which is why when it comes to spray tans, we want to ensure we can create as much consistency as possible. If you’re a bride that’s getting their tan on with us, we recommend encouraging your bridesmaids to also visit us for their pre-wedding day tans. That way, if they’re all wearing the same brand tan, you can ensure they’re all glowing, even and streak-free.

Much like a bride, we would love to see your bridesmaid dress before your tan. If your dress is darker such as navy or black, the depth of your tan will differ to someone in a blush pink or cream dress (and vice versa).

As a bridesmaid, this isn’t the day to draw attention away from the bride, which is why deep, dark tans are a no-no in our books. We recommend checking in with your bride before tanning and getting the squad together for a consistent natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.


You’re on your honeymoon

You’ve made it to your honeymoon and it’s (finally) time to relax. We know you’ll be wanting to snap away all those honeymoon memories so wherever you’re holidaying, let’s give you a fresh off the island looking glow. With proper post-tanning care, your wedding tan should last for around 10 days but there’s plenty you can do to prolong the glow.

Firstly, we recommend packing our Bella Bronze Gradual Tanner in your suitcase and applying daily. This gradual solution will assist in prolonging your existing tan by adding a touch of extra depth with each application. We also recommend following your post-tan routine by lathering your skin in our hydrating body moisturiser each day and pairing each honeymoon cocktail with some tan-loving water. Remember, hydration is everything for maintaining any kind of tan!


You’re on the first date

We know we’ve taken a trip down the aisle in today’s blog but let’s rewind it right back to where it all begins – the first date! This is a special event in our eyes because that first date can be day one of your happily ever after and let’s be real, who doesn’t want a flawless tan for that?!

Whether you’re chasing some extra bronze to your existing spray tan or just a touch of natural glow, our One Night Tan Instant Bronzer is perfect for that first date sparkle. Simply use our applicator mitt to apply where you need bronzing, let it dry by finishing your hair and makeup and voila! You’re ready to pop on your outfit and head out the door.

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