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What to remember before your first spray tan appointment

Booked in for your first spray tan? We’re so excited for you! Welcome to the bronzed squad, we’re so happy to have you and promise you’ll never look back.

Even if you’re a seasoned at-home self-tanner, there’s a few things to remember before you step into the tanning booth. From Sophie Monk to Michael Finch, we’re responsible for some of the most gorgeous tans on the ‘gram so today, it’s all about sharing our expert tips and tricks to ensure you show up to your first spray tan prepped and ready to glow.


Your shower routine the day before is crucial

Your pre-tanning bodycare plays an integral role the result of your spray tan. We’re talking the product you’re using, the hair you’re removing and the exfoliation you’re performing.

When it comes to hair removal (such as shaving) and any form of body exfoliation, these need to be performed at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. A fresh canvas will encourage an even tan application but performed too close to your appointment may cause the opposite as your hair follicles could still be open and soak up the colour of your tan.

Hydration also plays an important role in the effectiveness of your tan which is why following your hair removal and exfoliation, you should apply a moisturiser free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. This will seal in necessary moisture and hydration and support a beautifully applied tan.


Skip the body products the day of your tan

Whilst your products the day before have an important role, you can skip them for the day of your appointment. Products such as deodorant, perfume and moisturiser are not recommended to be worn during your spray tan as they can alter the colour and performance of the tan. A clean canvas is always best for a spray tan and trust us, we’ll know otherwise!


Be open and honest with your tanning professional

Just like any skin treatment, a professional tan should come with some level of consultation. This is going to assist your tanning professional to identify the best shade for your skin type and any special techniques they perform to make your tan total perfection.

If it’s your first time having a spray tan, it’s important to alert your tanning professional of any skin conditions or concerns you have that could impact your tanning result. This is also your opportunity to share whether your tan is for a special occasion or ask any questions you may have. We’re here to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment.


Post-tan is all about light and flowy vibes

What many first-time tanners don’t realise is that you shouldn’t pop your leggings or jeans back on following your spray tan as this can impact the final result. Instead, your post-tanning wardrobe should consist of dark, light, and flowy clothing that allows your tan to develop without running the risk of friction or rubbing.

Many will opt for a maxi dress or oversized tee following their tan with many brands available on the market now for specific post-tanning outfits. Seasoned tanners will have their ‘spray tan outfit’ ready to go for their next appointment. Yep, it’s a thing!


Follow your aftercare instructions (we know what we’re talking about)

Real talk, majority of the time when someone is disappointed by the result of their tan, it’s because they didn’t follow their aftercare instructions. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take note of your aftercare and actually follow through with it. We absolutely know what we’re talking about!

Your tan will continue to develop following your appointment so what you do and don’t do once you leave the salon will impact your final result. Aftercare such as when to shower, products to apply to extend tan longevity to how to easily remove your tan at the end of its life will all be explained by your Bella Bronze Tan professional so you can get the absolute most out of your freshly bronzed skin.

Ready to book in your first (of what will no doubt be many) spray tan? The Bella Bronze House of Beauty is located in Mermaid Beach and Morningside so both GC and Brisbane beauties can experience our difference. Simply jump online to book or give us a call to make your first appointment. We can’t wait to have you!


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