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The biggest misconceptions about sunless tanning

Sunless tanning has come a long way over the years, especially when it comes to the at-home options we have available to us. Long gone are the days of ending up looking more oompa loopma than bronzed goddess but like many beauty products on the market, tanning comes with its own misconceptions that we think are soooo Jersey Shore days. 

To give spray tanning and self-tanning the golden status it deserves, we’ve found some of their biggest misconceptions to share with you. Once we finished rolling our eyes (we couldn’t help it!), we’ve shed some beautifully bronzed light on these misconceptions to show truly how far the industry has come.


Misconception #1 – all self-tanners make you look orange

Gosh, if this was true, I don’t think we’d be writing this blog for you right now! It’s safe to say that one of the biggest misconceptions about both spray tans and self-tanners is that it’s going to leave you looking like a bright shade of orange.

Whilst the likes of movies, tv shows and ‘90s beauty trends we’d all like to forget have given tanning this orange-clad stigma, formulations and applications have come along way. We can’t speak for all brands, but we believe that an orange-tinge generally comes down to the formulation of the tan you’re using.

You can avoid this result but choosing a professional-grade self-tanner in the right shade for your skin tone or having your spray tan applied by a professional that understands how to achieve a flawless result.


Misconception #2 – moisturiser before tanning will ruin your results

Nope, not true! Moisturising should play an integral part in your pre-tanning prep and your aftercare. Following your pre-tan exfoliation, you should apply a moisturiser that’s free of skin coating nasties to maximise skin hydration and moisture. Why? Because hydrated skin yields the best results!

Moisturiser can also assist in tanning those tricky to tan areas such as your elbows, knees and ankles which soak up more tan than other areas thanks to their tenancy to be on the drier side. Applying some moisturiser to these areas’ pre-tan will support a more even and streak-free application.


Misconception #3 – the darker the formula, the better!

Not necessarily! Whilst many gravitate towards the darkest tan on the shelf, it isn’t always the best option for their skin tone, especially if they’re on the pale side! Our formulations have been crafted to deliver a natural-looking tan, not one that looks overdone or obvious – it’s all about that natural glow!

We made the choice even simpler (with less chance of tanning disasters) but creating just two shades to choose from that can be mixed and matched to suit your unique skin tone. If you’re new to tanning or not wanting the depth of a dark tan, why not consider a gradual tanner? Our gradual tanner contains the same formulation as our other tanning products but in a smaller concentration so you can build your way up to a tan that works best for you.


Misconception #4 – I don’t need SPF if I’m tanned

We needed to take a deep breath before answering this misconception. Repeat after us: you still need to apply sun protection if you have a sunless tan.

Spray tanning and self-tanners do not provide you any protection against harmful UV rays and therefore, you are just as susceptible to sun damage and ultimately, skin cancer. It’s integral that you’re applying and reapplying SPF throughout your day to protect your skin against the sun.

…and let’s face it. Nobody wants to apply tan to dry, peeling and sunburn skin.


Misconception #5 – a spray tan doesn’t even last that long

Anyone that thinks a spray tan doesn’t last very long, clearly hasn’t read our blog on proper post-tan aftercare! The longevity of your tan is dependent on how you care for it afterwards. A lack of hydration, moisturising and poorly chosen products (like body wash) are going to leave you with a tan that doesn’t go the distance and is difficult to remove. On the flipside, following the aftercare instructions of your tanning professional can see your tan last 7-10 days and be straightforward to remove.

So, have we changed your mind on tanning yet? Don’t be fooled by the mistakes made during our teenage years! With the right tools in your hand, you’re on your way to a gorgeously bronzed tan in no time.





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