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    The Perfect Tan

    Book a Tan with Bella Bronze

    Our spray tans have been voted the Best on the GC and now in Brisbane for multiple years running – and you will soon see why!

    Full Body Spray Tan - $35

    Bella Bronze

    The solution & The Service

    Deep Bronze Glow and Summer Vibes

    With a highly experienced team of ladies, all personally trained by our Director and Founder Jasmine, you will feel comfortable form the moment you enter. We only use our Bella Bronze Tan solution formulated by Jasmine and her lab team and we tailor every application to suit your specific skin type and request.

    Spray Tan Packages

    • 3x Spray Tans
    • $ 95
    • 3 Full Body Spray Tans (POPULAR)
      (Saving $10!)

    • 5x Spray Tans
    • $ 150
    • 5 Full Body Spray Tans + FREE Mini Moisturiser (Saving $25!)
    • 10x Spray Tans
    • $ 280
    • 10 Full Body Spray Tans + A FREE 250ml Body Product (Saving $86!)
    • 20x Spray Tans
    • $ 520
    • 20 Full Body Spray Tans + A 250ml Body Wash & Moisturiser Pack (Saving $212!)

    Pre-Tan PreparatioN

    Preparing For Your Spray Tan

    • Waxing is best done minimum 48hrs prior to ensure all residue is off the skin.
    • Shaving is best done 6-24hrs prior to your appointment to allow pores to settle and reduce the chance of ‘black dots’ forming.
    • Exfoliating is best done 6-12 hours prior or the night before to allow pores to settle before your appointment.
    • Please arrive with clean skin free from deodorant, makeup, moisturiser or perfume.
    • Do not use any body/face washes or lotions that contain fragrances or mineral oils as this can affect the result, just as washing hair directly before is also a big no no.

    What To Bring

    • Loose cotton type clothing to wear after – no silk or satin as these fabrics absorb moisture.
    • Any clothing you may prefer to wear whilst being sprayed – although we do provide disposable g strings free of charge (if breast feeding you may choose to wear a strapless bra).
    • If it’s raining bring suitable attire/weather protectant to ensure your tan does not get ruined – nobody likes looking like a leopard! A hoodie, trackies and a towel are best for wet weather conditions.

    At Your Appointment

    • Your fully trained technician will chat to you about what you are after in terms of colour.
    • All requests are determined once assessing each individual’s skin type as everybody reacts differently.
    • Spray Tans take approximately 10 minutes but allow 15 mins.
    • Our Spray Tans typically last anywhere from 7-14 days depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle and most importantly, your post-tan care regime.

    Post-Tan Tips & What To Avoid

    Removing Old Spray Tan

    Now we all dread this but it doesn’t need to be hard. It all comes down to how you care for your tan – don’t moisturise or drink water? Good luck! Tan hates dry skin and will be a stubborn to remind you to care for it better next time. Here are a few tips to follow below:

      • Investing in a good quality tan removal mitt will be the best thing you will ever do. Head to our shop to purchase.
      • Soak in a bath with baby oil the day before removing to help soften the skin and make it easier for your old tan to come off.
      • For stubborn stains – bi carb soda is a great help or the Antheia tan remover is all natural – this can be purchased in store or online.

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    Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range!

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