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Heading away this Christmas? Here’s our top tan tips for your Summer vacay

Summer holidays are coming up and let’s face it, we all want to look our best! From the endless holiday insta stories to the quintessential family photo, nothing quite says ‘summer vibes’ like a glowing tan, right?!

So, how do you keep your tan looking good whilst you’re on holidays? Keep reading for our five essential tips for maintaining that gorgeous summer glow.

Tip #1 – plan your pre-tan prep accordingly
The day before your tan is the ideal time to have your pre-tan prep underway. This includes any hair removal and body exfoliation.

By prepping the skin, the day prior to tanning, you’re giving the pores in the skin the opportunity to maximise any hydration you’re applying to the skin prior to tanning and ensure they’re closed to avoid any tanning mishaps such as an inconsistent application or dark dots on the skin.

Remember, whether you’re visiting a professional or applying at-home, avoid the likes of makeup, deodorant, perfume, and moisturisers on tanning day.

Tip #2 – choose your tan wisely
It can be tempting to go for the darkest tanning shade available when summer hits to achieve that ultimate sun-kissed glow but unfortunately, this could be sending you in the direction of an orange tan rather than a deep, natural looking one!

Fortunately, we’ve taken all the confusion out of choosing the right shade for your tan and given you just two options – our darkest mousse, Mocha, for pink undertones and medium-dark mousse, Violet, for warm and olive undertones.

Many tanners will apply multiple layers to increase the depth of their tan but with Bella Bronze solutions, you simply increase the length of time the product develops for. This is the key to a natural looking result without needing heavy layers of product. For a light tan, leave on for up to 2 hours, 2-3 hours for a medium result and 3 hours for a dark result.

Tip #3 – stay hydrated
One of the secrets to a long-lasting tan is staying hydrated internally and externally. In the summertime, we should all be upping our water intake but what may surprise you is that our skin is one of the last places to benefit from that H20, so a hydrating moisturiser is also essential.

When choosing a hydrating moisturiser, you want to select one that’s working with your tan, not against it, and avoids nasties that can see your tan fade sooner. We recommend choosing a moisturiser free of parabens and artificial fragrances and instead, selecting one rich in nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and skin firming oils like jojoba and Vitamin E. This will not only deliver the essential hydration to your skin and lengthen the lifetime of your tan but work on firming the skin too.

Tip #4 – top up your glow
One of our favourite ways to enhance our holiday glow is to top it up with a complementary product like a gradual tanner! Containing the same natural DHA as our tanning mousses, the Bella Bronze Tan 2-in-1 Gradual Tan will help to lengthen the life of your tan and increase its depth overtime.

This approach will keep your tan looking fresh and consistent as the formulation matches that of your original tan. It is also packed with nourishing ingredients to add extra hydration and keep your firm looking and feeling its best.

Our Holiday Glow Pack is the perfect combo to pack in your luggage as it contains the Gradual Tanner but also our Face Tan Mist to add warmth and glow to your complexion.

Tip #5 – don’t forget your sunscreen
An artificial tan, of any kind, should never replace your daily SPF application as it does not offer you any kind of sun protection.

In fact, getting sunburnt with a tan will not only cause it to fade quicker but leave you with a patchy result – and let’s face it, who wants to pair their bronzed skin with red inflammation?!

Protect your skin and keep the healthy in healthy tan by always pairing any summer look with a teaspoon of SPF per limb and reapply every 2 hours.



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