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Yes, you can get a spray tan! We answer your pregnancy tanning questions

We get it. When you’re a Mumma-to-be, you question every single thing, from the foods you eat to even the beauty treatments you treat yourself to so it’s not surprising that we’re often asked if people that are pregnant can enjoy a Bella Bronze Tan.

Like any stage of life, a tan can truly take your confidence to the next level and being pregnant is no different! Adding a gorgeous, natural-looking glow to your skin when you’re feeling the effects of pregnancy can be the perfect pep in your step that you’ve been looking for, especially as this summer season fast approaches!

Remember, your tan should always be an artificial one, especially when pregnant, as your skin is hyper-prone to not just sun damage itself but also the likes of Melasma, which is exacerbated by heat and difficult to remove post-pregnancy.

So, can our pregnant beauties enjoy a spray tan this season? The answer is yes; when you pick the right brand to get your bronze on with.

This begins with the formulations chosen to actually achieve your tan. The key bronzing ingredient in all our Bella Bronze Tan at-home and in-salon formulations is one called dihydroxyacetone, more commonly known as DHA. We have chosen a natural form of DHA to avoid using unnecessary chemicals in our products.

DHA is what is giving you the bronzed effect you know and love and only works on the top layers of your skin. It is not an ingredient that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin or subsequently, the bloodstream therefore, it is considered pregnancy safe.

An expert tan technician will have professional equipment set up before your appointment, including an exhaust for any tanning smells or excess product. This is something we recommend all pregnant tan lovers ensure is available during their next appointment to avoid any inhalation of product. You can rest assure this is procedure for all clients at our Brisbane and Gold Coast salons. If you’re tanning at-home and want to take extra precautions, you could apply a mask pre-tanning.

You also want to look at the additional ingredients in your chosen tanning product and avoid applying harmful chemicals, parabens, or artificial fragrances to your skin. These ingredients are not kind to any skin type but when you’re pregnant, your skin can feel extra sensitive and reactive so it’s important to keep things as natural as possible.

Our Bella Bronze Tan formulations are 100% vegan so you can rest assure that we’re choosing the most natural yet effective options available for our products and ultimately, your skin. We choose natural ingredients to complement our formulations, such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip, and avocado oil, to nourish your skin whilst achieving your ideal tan depth and glow. If you have a nut allergy or are finding yourself more sensitive to certain ingredients during your pregnancy, our Mocha solution is a nut-free option.

Another thing to consider when tanning during pregnancy is whether your heightened sense of smell will affect your ability to enjoy the tanning process. Something we’re incredibly proud of at Bella Bronze Tan is our formulations that are completely free of that classic ‘tan smell’ that we don’t think anybody enjoys! Our commitment to farewelling this smell is definitely something that supports our pregnant Bella’s that are having sensitivities to scents. If you’re unsure whether you can handle the scent, of any kind, that day, it’s best to check the scent prior to beginning.

Following your spray tan, remaining hydrated and moisturised in-between appointments is just as important. As pregnancy skin can feel drier and more sensitive than during pre-pregnancy life, it’s important that you’re selecting a moisturiser that is free from nasties such as parabens and fragrances. This will not only support the longevity of your tan but assist your skin is maximising every ounce of hydration!

When it comes to removing your tan, ensure your exfoliation method is free from any BHA ingredients as these are not suitable for those that are pregnant. Physical exfoliation is generally suitable for pregnant skin (checking those ingredients lists as always) but ensure you’re applying the product gently around the stomach area to avoid unwanted aggravation to an already sensitised area.

Like anything during your pregnancy, if you’re ever unsure whether something is the right fit for you, contact your doctor.

 If you’d like to enhance that pregnancy glow even more, head to our website to explore our range of at-home tanning solutions or book your next appointment at one of our Bella Bronze Tan locations.


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