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Our fool-proof guide to tanning your face


When it comes to self-tanning, we’ve shared our golden rules for creating the classic, flawless Bella Bronze tan we all know and love. If you haven’t read our expert tips (like when to shave and how to blend), click here to read our previous blog post. 

So, when it comes to tanning our face, is the process the same? Well, not exactly! When tanning your face, there’s not really anywhere to hide any mistakes so we’ve got to get it good, like real good. 

Fortunately, we’ve got the expert tips and products to get your face tan right and look like you’ve just returned home from that tropical island vacay every time (BYO Pina Coladas). 


Prepare your face the same way you would your body

Just like when we prepare our body for tanning day, you want to ensure you’re working with a fresh canvas. The night before tanning your face, gently exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells and reveal a refined, fresh complexion. The night before your tan isn’t the night to try out a brand-new skincare product. Stick with what works for your skin to avoid any adverse reactions that could impact your tan. We recommend an oil-free exfoliator as this will create an unwanted barrier between your skin and your tanning product. 


Keep your complexion hydrated

Following your pre-tan exfoliation, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Sounding familiar right? These initial steps mirror the way we prepare for self-tanning our body. Focussing on those key areas of your face such as your chin, nose and ears, ensure your skin is benefitting for the moisture boost of an oil-free face cream. 


Choosing the right product for your tan

Just like trying a new skincare or makeup product, getting started with a brand-new tanning product should include a test patch. Simply apply a small amount of tan to an inconspicuous area the night before to confirm that the product vibes with your skin. No reaction? You’re good to go!

When choosing the right product to tan your face, there’s a few options to choose from! It all comes down to your goals. If you’re wanting fast-acting results for that upcoming event, we recommend using the Bella Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse that you’ve applied to your body. Available in two expertly formulated shades, this product is suitable for face and body tanning. 

If a gradual glow is more your goal, our 2-in-1 Gradual Tanner or Face Tan Mist are perfect for you. Non comedogenic, hydrating and nourishing, these Bella Bronze Tan products focus on gradually building up your glow overtime until you’ve reached your desired look. 


Protect your brows 

When tanning your face, ensure you protect your brows from discolouration by applying some moisturiser along them. This is going to prevent the tanning solution from being applied to your eyebrows and ensures they keep their natural colour. 


Let’s get down to business 

If this is your first time tanning your face, don’t be nervous! Start lightly and work your way up. You can always go darker but it’s not so easy to take away excess product. 

If you’re using our regular Self-Tanning Mousse, use a smaller amount than you would for your body and blend, blend, blend. Just like tanning your body, you’re able to use these products to build up to your desired level of glow. 

The tools you choose to apply your tan can really contribute to a flawless finish! We recommend our Luxe Self-Tanning Mitt for total control and seamless application. For a totally even, blended complexion, our brand-new Luxe Tanning Brush should be on everyone’s radar. A kabuki-style brush, buffing in your tan is made simple for even the newest tan novices. Buff just like your foundation!  

When it comes to your hairline and ears, firstly don’t forget them! Use the excess product on your applicator to glide over these areas to give them a natural glow and ensure they blend is seamlessly with the rest of your tan. 


Maintain that glow 

Extend your tan and maintain your glow by keeping your skin lusciously hydrated with your go-to oil-free face cream. To add some extra oomph to your complexion, spritz smooth, even strokes of our Face Tan Mist to your skin each morning. A brand-new addition to the Bella Bronze Tans squad, we know you’re going to love its smell and finish! 



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