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Is your spray tan not turning out the way you like? Lets look at a few reason why...

YOU DON’T DRINK ENOUGH WATER - Did you know that the number 1 reason for tans not ‘working’ is due to dehydration? The way I explain it clients is like this: If you buy a pot plant and want it to grow into this beautiful and lustrous tree, you need to water it. Now your skin works in the same way - when spray tan hits skin and there is not enough fluids in the body, it will not process properly. Now i know not all of you enjoy running to the bathroom 28746 times a day, BUT if you are wanting a richer and longer lasting tan, it is time to drink up!

YOU ARE USING THE WRONG PRODUCTS - So you moisturise all the time, that’s great! But if you are using products that contain mineral oils, sulphates and other nasties, this isn’t so great. Now we know companies have great selling techniques to suck you into grabbing that $5 bottle off the shelf, but you guessed it, it isn’t doing your skin any benefits. See, there are many brands out there are using cheap ingredients to fill their bottles and your skin gets zero nourishment from it. And over time, these products will build up a silicone on the outside of your skin so no goodness gets in. You will also find that scrubbing your tan off is a damn right b%#@h by the time you need a fresh tan!

YOU ARE STRESSED - Now this is a tough one as we all know that stress happens from time to time. But spray tan hates it, just as much as you do. The body goes into panic mode and won’t absorb what is being applied.

YOU ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP - Similar to the above, not getting enough sleep is a form of physical stress. Your tan will resist the colour and won’t develop as fast/dark as you may like. Pop that phone down at night and try get some shut eye ladies, your skin will thank you for it.

YOUR HORMONES ARE PLAYING HAVOC - I personally know that if i am premenstrual, my tan may be a little AWOL. Or i sometimes think, ‘geez my tan isn't as dark this week’ and then BAM! Hello period, thanks for coming. Now it all makes sense (as well as the stuffing my face and crying watching the news).

DIFFERENT MEDICATION IS PLAYING WITH YOUR INSIDES - As a tanner, this a subject I only approach if i have regular client. Sadly there are many medications that can mess with our internal structure and in turn, mess with your tan.

Hopefully this helps you or your client enquires!

Yours in tanning,

Jasmine xo

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