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International Women's Day Interview with Kelle Howard

Kelle ( is a Solo Mama, Interior Designer and Stylist who has created her own signature style which she describes as Raw, Coastal, Luxe and is known for her innate ability to push design boundaries. Kelle documented the build of her own home Bajo el Sol beach house on social media which has inspired a global audience and was the backdrop for many brand campaigns such as Billy J, City Beach, Pillowtalk and Michael Hill Jeweller. She also recently designed a unique bespoke range of furniture pieces in a collaboration with Australian furniture label Object X and is passionate about mentoring other women in the Interior Design space on how to build their own unique and potent brand. 


What does IWD mean to you?

It’s a reminder that as women we have a duty to support each other and recognise the women in our lives that have supported us on our journey. I’m very fortunate to have some incredible women by my side and whilst we are all different, our values are all the same. We all want to create incredible lives for ourselves and lift each other up. In order to feel successful in life and business it’s so empowering to look at other women and expand our own awareness of what is possible rather than sink into comparison or competitiveness.



Who are 3 women that inspire you and why?

I admire Marianna Hewitt - co-founder of Summer Fridays. I’ve followed her for a long time, from when her main career was a beauty blogger and influencer and how she has used that experience and network to create an incredible global brand.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews - Ruby is a solo Mum like myself and is balancing (juggling) work life, being her own person and a great Mum and I love how she shows that she doesn’t always get it right (neither do I) but she learns and grows from her experiences.

Elle Ferguson never gets it wrong in my opinion. Her style is incredible and she seems like an incredible business woman with an incredible heart. I’d love to work with her on an Interior Design project one day!



What is your number one piece of advice for women in business? 

Trust your instinct and don’t follow what you think you ’should’ be doing. The only people in my industry that I follow on social media are the people that I know personally. I don’t want to be distracted by what the rest of the industry is doing so I take inspiration from other avenues. I can still support people I admire, but without the comparison that can sometimes go hand in hand with watching what everyone is doing.


Do you have a morning ritual to help you get into the work zone?

As a solo Mama my days vary depending on whether I have the kids or not, but I always try to include certain habits into my day rather than a strict ‘morning routine’. I try to awaken all of my senses - so I sleep with the curtains open so I wake up naturally with the sun, I light a candle, turn my favourite playlist on. - such simple acts that really help elevate the mood. If I am alone or up before my kids I’ll head to my meditation space for up to an hour - I light some sage to cleanse the space and then I use mantras so settle my mind and create space.


What podcasts are you currently listening to?

I’ve only recently got on the podcast train! I devoured every episode of Susan Frioni’s "Love, Sex, Desire" podcast. It was a real eye opener on the topic of dating and relationships. At the moment I’m listening to La La Social Clubs’ "My Business Playbook” and I really enjoyed “Ideas Girl” by the Spell team.



What is your favourite way to unwind after a work day?

I love any excuse to have someone else cook for me so I love to eat out with friends - not washing up is an indulgence when you’re a solo Mama! If I am at home I love putting some music on, lighting a candle and sitting out by the pool to eat dinner - the benefits of Gold Coast living!


What is your go to drink (can be anything!): 

Daytime: I’m a tea girl (never had a coffee!) 

After Dark: I love a lychee Bellini


What is your favourite BBT product?

The Violet Ultra Dark is my go-to for that deep, just come back from the tropics vibe!

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