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How we’re using natural ingredients to keep your skin looking incredible (and your skin glowing too!)

 We all know a Bella Bronze Tan when we see one. She’s bold, she’s fierce and her glowing skin is perfectly bronzed and streak free. The question is, how do we create total tanning confidence without the use of nasty chemicals? 

That’s simple! We pair our expertly formulated natural DHA with a selection of skin-loving natural ingredients handpicked by our experts. 

Today, we’re going to dive deep into some of the hero ingredients that shine in our range of self-tanning and bodycare products that not only extend the life of your tan but keep your skin hydrated and happy all day long. 


Jojoba Oil – The Incredible All-Rounder

If you’re looking for an oil that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. Jojoba Oil, derived from the Jojoba Plant, is an incredibly savvy ingredient that has made its way onto the radar of skin experts and lovers around the globe. 

We won’t get too technical on you but what makes Jojoba Oil so incredible is that its molecular structure is almost identical to the natural oils produced by our bodies. This means it’s able to mimic our skin’s natural oils, penetrate much deeper into the skin and deliver its multi-tasking magic much more effectively than other ingredients. 

Containing a powerful combination of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, D and E, Jojoba Oil addresses a multitude of skin concerns at the same time. Firstly, it’s an anti-ageing hero thanks to antioxidants protecting our skin against nasty free radicals. Pairing these antioxidants with Vitamin A, Jojoba Oil works wonders to brighten dull skin. Thanks to its nourishing vitamin-rich formulation, Jojoba is also incredibly calming and soothing to irritated skin which makes it perfect for all skin types, especially our sensitive ones. 

We can’t get enough of using Jojoba Oil in our products as its wonders work deep down into the skin to hydrate from within. This means long-lasting tans and happier looking skin!

Find Jojoba Oil in our One-Night Tan Bronzer, Gentle Cleansing Body Wash and Hydrating Body Moisturiser (we told you we were obsessed with it). 


Chamomile – The Ultimate Calmer

Just like the calming sensations we experience in our evening brew; Chamomile has the same effect on our skin. Loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodness, Chamomile helps to soothe and calm irritated, sensitive and inflamed skin. 

For those that experience the frustration that comes with red, splotchy skin, Chamomile is your knight in calming armour. Just like it calms our mind in its famous tea, when Chamomile is applied to our body, it works to reduce irritation and bring your skin back into balance. Once your skin has calmed down, it works wonders at managing irritation to prevent unwanted flare ups. Phew. 

Find Chamomile as one of the leading heroes in our Gentle Cleansing Body Wash


Grapefruit – The Fountain Of Youth 

Zesty and invigorating in more ways than one, Grapefruit’s are a vitamin powerhouse for our skin!

Most notably, Grapefruits are loaded with antioxidants which as we know, as the ultimate protector against premature ageing. Working to fight off free radical damage, Grapefruit stops these nasties getting into our skin cells and speeding up that ageing process (and seriously, who doesn’t want that?!).  

Vitamin A is also a hero feature of Grapefruit which is the go-to vitamin for supercharging our collagen and elastin production. Working to soften and rejuvenate the skin, Grapefruit is going to work on smoothing your gorgeous skin whilst you show off your tan!

Lastly, we know that pesky acne doesn’t just happen on the face which is why Grapefruit is such an incredible ingredient to feature in our products. To help treat and prevent blemishes on the body, Grapefruit jumps in to cleanse the pores and clear congestion. 

Find Grapefruit as one the heroes in our daily essential Hydrating Body Moisturiser. 


Shea Butter – The Nourisher 

Luxuriously thick with that buttery-rich consistency, Shea Butter is an ultra-nourishing natural moisturiser. Packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, we’re not surprised that Shea Butter is a go-to for all skin types when they need a serious hydration pick-me-up. 

Shea Butter works as a skin-conditioner and helps retain moisture within the skin. It does by creating a protective barrier on your skin to lock in that hydration and give your skin the much-needed drink it craves. If your skin has ever felt irritated or disrupted by fragrant body moisturisers, it’s time to find a natural alternative that is packed with Shea Butter. Containing both vitamins E and A, Shea Butter is perfectly suited for irritated and sensitive skin types to ensure they too can enjoy divine skin nourishments without all the inflammation fuss. 

If it wasn’t already enough of a winner, Shea Butter is also a powerhouse at cell regeneration to keep your skin feeling youthful and revived. Working to stimulate collagen and elastin production, Shea Butter delivers skin that looks and feels smoother and plumper.  

Find Shea Butter in our brand new 2-in-1 Gradual Tanner and its perfect match, our Hydrating Body Moisturiser

To shop the entire collection of products featured in today’s blog, visit the Bella Bronze online store or head to your nearest Bella Bronze stockist. 

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