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Are you put off self tanning after seeing horror jobs on others, or just think ‘I’m not clever enough to do that’?

Well, if you follow these tips you will soon be on your way to superstar self tanner status!


  1. Firstly, choose your colour. Our Chocolate Bronze is a perfect for the fairest to darkest Bella wanting a chocolate brown result, our Mocha mousse is for those wanting a dark caramel result.
  2. If you can tan in front of a full length mirror, this will help big time! But any mirror will do, the back can be a little tricky without one.
  3. Prep the skin as you would a spray tan - exfoliate and shave at least a few hours prior or the day before. This will help reduce the risk of getting the dreaded ‘black dots’ look in your pores.
  4. Now, you’ll need an application mitt and our luxe tanning brush.
  5. Firstly, using our Vanilla and Grapefruit Moisturiser, apply a small amount to hands, feet, knees, elbows and any other dry areas. Once this is done, it is time to get started!
  6. Using the mitt, pump 1-2 times and start on your lower leg and apply in a smooth motion mixed with up and down and circular. Apply this method to the legs/torso/chest/arms.
  7. Avoid the hands/feet/neck/face. Now this is when the brush comes into play!
  8. Have a small dish handy, and pump once into the dish. Dip the brush into the tan, and apply over the neck and face nice and evenly. (Pro tip from Jasmine: Use the brush to tan the chest for a smooth/darker result)
  9. Now, for the hands and feet, use the leftover on the brush to tan these areas. Or, if you want them a little darker, re dip the brush into the dish and tap it off to remove some of the mousse before doing the hands and feet. Bend your fingers slightly when doing this, but try and not go too heavily over the knuckles as they love to soak up colour!
  10. Now it’s time to marinate! Your should be instantly dry, but we still recommend wearing something loose with minimal stitching to ensure ou get the best tan possible. You choose the depth: 1hr, 2hrs, even overnight! But if you are virgin self tanner, we recommend a shorter wear time as it will get a little darker after you shower and has minimal wash off! Hurrah!

If you love our Mousse, don’t forget to tag us! @bellabronzetans #BellaBronzeBabe


Yours in Tanning,

Jasmine xo


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