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Getting Married? Here are our top tips to make sure your tan is flawless on your big day.

 So, you’ve found that special someone, booked a gorgeous venue, bought your dream dress and locked in your makeup and hair artist. Now, it’s time to book in your tan!

 Now, bridal tans are not like any other tan. This is THE most important tan that will be in all your photo albums for the rest of your life. So, here are a few tips to help you prep your skin.

  • If you aren’t already drinking 2L of water a day, the time to start is now! Not only will your skin love you, but so will your tan. And if you are wanting it to last way past the big day, start ASAP! (Yes we know, running to the bathroom all day can be a pain, but you’ll thank us later!)
  • Book in a trial tan. Now in a perfect world, this would be timed in with your makeup trial or a dress fitting. But if that isn’t possible, we suggest a minimum 2 weeks prior. This will allow all tan to fully remove before your bridal tan booking. Plus a trial will be able to show you how it looks on your skin, a natural looking is best! When looking for a tanner to book in with, research the best tanner’s in your area for your trial tan - our Tanner Locater tab will help you choose someone locally that uses our range. Checking out their social media page or website will also show photos of their work and reviews to help you make the right choice.


  • Stay out of the sun - tan lines are not a bride’s best friend! Lather up in sunscreen even more so if you are an outdoors person, as even 10 minutes in the sun when out on your daily walk or swim will leave you with tan lines that are had to cover. Remember, spray tanner’s are not magicians, but they can sure help blend in lines if required.
  • Prep your skin correctly - exfoliation a few hours or the night before your booking is best. This will ensure the tan will go on smoothly, last longer and look it’s best. We recommend our Tan Remover Mitt for the best pre tan scrub + our Chamomile & Lemon Body Wash to remove all products on the skin.
  • Stop using a sports deodorant 48 hours prior - now we are not saying you can’t wear any (eew) but a sports deodorant can leave residue under the arms for days after washing it off. And we don't know about you, but we don't think that green armpits are a trending look. Go with a natural stick instead.


  • Don’t cram all beauty appointments into one day! Our suggestion is: waxing at least 48hrs prior, face treatments at least 1 week prior, massage/pedicures the day before. Nails can be done before or after - just steer clear of manicures that could remove tan if you choose to do this after your spray.
  • Ask your tanner to come to your location - that way your bridal party can be spray tanned together and relax! Ask if they do group discounts (no harm in asking!) Some tanner’s even bring add ons like bubbles or gift bags - winning!
  • Steer clear of chlorine or high intensity exercise - both can affect the colour for your big day. We know that hot tub looks inviting, but it will still be there after the wedding.
  • Time your tan 2 days prior - this will ensure no bronzers will come off on your dress. If you can only do it the day before, we recommend having an extra shower prior to getting into your gorgeous dress.
  • Invest in the best pre and post tan products - our Body Wash and Moisturiser contain only natural and organic ingredients that will ensure your tan lasts over 7 days! Honeymoon tan? You bet!

Now lock in that appointment, and cross another thing off that To Do List!

Enjoy the bridal tan marinating when it finally comes, and rock that Bella Bridal Bronze!


Yours in Tanning, Jasmine xo 

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