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Colder weather affecting your tan? Here’s why.

It’s that time again when even us Queenslanders here at Bella Bronze Tans HQ have to maybe, just maybe, pack away our swimsuits for a little while. Winter has kicked off for many of us and it’s affecting the quality and longevity of tans. 

Just like we switch up our wardrobe during the colder seasons, we have to do the same for our skincare. Seasonal shifts can see major changes in the skin on our face and body that lead to tans that either don’t apply well, last long or fade evenly. This is often because people are caring for their skin in Autumn and Winter the same way they would in Summer. If this sounds like you, read on. 


The cooler months can bring on an increase in skin flakiness and dryness. This is thanks to our natural shedding process slowing down and if not addressed, can lead to clogged pores, sensitivity and uneven tan application. It’s up to us to speed up the cell renewal process again with a solid exfoliation routine. 

In-between your tans, you’ll want to use your Bella Bronze Tans Exfoliating Mitt to thoroughly remove these extra dead skin cells and boost your circulation. Known as our tanning secret weapon all year round, your exfoliating mitt should become a regular part of your body care and tanning routine during Autumn and Winter. 

Regular exfoliation will also support better absorption of your skincare and body care products. The likes of your skincare serums and body moisturisers can do their job more effectively when they’ve got a refined and refreshed canvas to work with. 


During the warmer months, we often turn to lightweight products to keep our tan hydrated and long-lasting. Whilst hydration still plays a significant role in the longevity of your Autumn and Winter tan, our body often needs a little more oomph from the self-tanners and body washes you’re using. This is because we’ve increased our time in front of heaters, in hot showers and out in the windy elements and our skin is craving for extra moisture. 


Products like our Gentle Cleansing Body Wash and even our 2-in-1 Gradual Tanner have hydration at the forefront. Loaded with natural oils and nourishing essential fatty acids like Shea Butter, these products are perfect for the cooler months as they work hard to not only do their job (incredibly well if we do say so ourselves) but lock in hydration for a longer lasting, even looking tan. 


If you’ve been thinking about introducing oils into your tanning routine, the cooler months is the perfect time to start. Oils are loaded with essential fatty acids and have the ability to sink deeper into the skin for incredible nourishment. They work to repair and support a healthy skin barrier, seriously lock in moisture and improve the look and feel of your skin. 


One of our favourite ways to introduce oils into your routine is by using our Grapefruit and Vanilla Hydrating Body Moisturiser. This daily use product is loaded with the likes of avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and vanilla oil to deliver exceptional antioxidant protection and hydration whilst offering skin benefits like smoothing, firming and brightening. 

Apply generously all season, especially when you’re freshly tanned to maintain its depth, longevity and even wear-off. 

Shop these cooler season must-haves and keep your tan looking Summer fresh!

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