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5 self-tanning hacks that actually work!

As your tanning experts, we’ve tried every trick in the book when it comes to achieving a flawless, glowing tan. From application techniques to how to contour and define with your Bella Bronze Tan, we’ve done it all, so you don’t have to! We believe knowledge is power so we’ve put together 5 of our top tanning hacks so that you too can achieve the perfect glow. Let’s go!


The pore-closing method 

When tanning your face, apply ice or a cold compress to your face before getting your glow on. These ultra-cold temperatures are going to help close your pores and stop your self-tanner from working its way into them. 

Why is this an amazing tanning hack? Well, for starters, by supporting your pores pre-tanning, you’re going to help prevent the appearance of breakouts peeking through your gorgeous, glowing complexion. This process is also going to assist in an even, blended finish as in conjunction with proper exfoliation, you’re creating a smooth canvas to work with. 


Sweet dreams 

Ever gone to bed post-tan only to wake up with your sheets resembling a bronzed crime scene? Consider the materials your sheets and pillowcases are made from when heading to bed after your tan. Switching to silk pillowcases can help your face, neck and décolleté tan last longer as this fabric has much less friction than traditional cotton. Plus, it’s amazing for acne-prone skin types too!


Remove your tan without the harsh scrubbing

If you’re devoted to the glow like we are, you know all too well that all good things must come to an end. Until next week’s tan of course! Removing your tan in the past has been a frustrating, time-consuming and some irritating process for you and your skin, until now. We proudly stock Antheia Liquid Micro Peel, the world’s first express fake tan remover. Crafted from a progressive cocktail of active ingredients and botanicals, the Liquid Micro Peel removes your tan within minutes. Yes! Minutes! 

Featuring no nasties, this vegan-friendly formulation gentle dissolves your dead skin cells and patchy, excess tan to make way for your next tanning session. Simply apply, wait a few minutes and remove! This product is also a total tanning hack for lightening your tan to create your perfect shade. 


I woke up like this

Ready to wake up each morning looking like you’ve stepped off a tropical island the night before? Our brand-new Face Tan Mist is your summer vacay in a bottle. Refreshingly packed with organic ingredients like coconut, cucumber, rosewater, witch hazel and vitamin E, our Face Tan Must is your daily spritz for glowing skin. The easiest tan hack ever, simply spray the mist evenly across your face and neck each morning to achieve your desired depth. Our Face Tan Mist will not clog you pores and is kind to all skin types. 


The no-boyfriend required back tanning hack

Getting your boyfriend to tan your back (and worrying that he’s completely messed it up) is a thing of the past! Grab your Mousse and Mitt Pack from our website and your favourite body brush. When it is time to tan your back and those hard-to-reach areas, place the body brush inside your tanning mitt and secure with a hair tie. Voila! You’ve created a seamless extender for your at-home tan! If you don’t have a body brush, raid your kitchen for a wooden spoon. This will also do the trick to reach those stubborn areas. 

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