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4 simple steps for taking your tan from yes to yaaaaaass

Whether you’re visiting us in sunny Queensland or getting started with our self-tanner at home, we cannot wait for you to discover the deep bronze glow and summer vibes that come with a Bella Bronze tan.

So, how do we achieve the iconic glow that we're famous for? It’s all about the pro tanning hacks we use before, during and after your tan! Grab your notebook, babe. You’re going to want to remember these tips. 


If you want your tan to stick around, you need to properly prep your skin. If your tan is making its way onto un-exfoliated skin, you’re not going to achieve an even, long-lasting tan, and we’re not about that. 

Opt for an exfoliator that doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Ingredients like oils are going to hinder the development of your tan and leave it looking streaky. Keep it simple and stick to an exfoliating mitt that can also be used as your remover later on, winner!


It feels like drinking water is the answer to everything in life, right? Truthfully, staying hydration really does improve your tanning results! Your body’s largest organ, your skin is often the last place that enjoys the benefits of that glass of chilled H2O (#rude) so we need to lend it a hand. 

When you’re dehydrated, your skin feels less supple, drier and is prone to flakiness, and let’s be real, none of those things sound like the answer to a beautifully bronzed bod. To lengthen the life of your tan, keep your hydration levels up internally and support your skin with a quality body moisturiser. 

Thanks to our Grapefruit and Vanilla Body Moisturiser, we’ve got your hydration covered for hours. We’ve paired skin loving antioxidants like goji, vitamin E, grapefruit and aloe vera to feed your skin much needed hydration, extend the life of your tan and make removing it a stress-free process. 

Tools of the trade

When it’s time to get down to business, you want to treat your skin to the best. You’ve done all this prep-work after all! 

Start with choosing a tanning shade that not only suits your skin’s undertones but is going to deliver the most natural looking result. With no orange skin in sight, choose between our Violet Dark Choc for a deeper tan or Dark Mocha for all the sun-kissed vibes. If you’ve booked a salon appointment, your tan technician will be able to assist you in matching the best tan to your goals. 

Back at home, one of the biggest tanning faux pas we see is babes putting their self-tan on their hands and away they go! Oh honey, no. It’s time to thank you, next to tan hands and say hello to your most even, streak free tan by applying your tan with an application mitt. Simply pop on the mitt, pump, apply and blend!  

When it’s time to remove your gorgeous glow, you’ll welcome back the exfoliating mitt from your prep-work and gently remove your tan in the shower. If you haven’t read our frequently asked tanning questions blog, click here to learn our top tips for an exceptional tan removal every time. 

Keep glowing!

Bella Bronze Tans isn’t just a special occasion treat, it’s a lifestyle! We believe that the confidence that comes with a glowing tan is priceless and however you’re getting your tan on, make it part of your self-care routine. 

For our Queensland babes, we LOVE seeing you in our salons each week for your regular tanning session. Our Spray Tan Packages keep you gorgeously glowing for up to 20 sessions and include bonus goodies because you deserve it. For our at-home tanners, our value multipacks means your bathroom is always stocked with your favourite Bella Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse

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