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We have a new look and she's pretty, if we do say ourselves

If you haven’t noticed, it’s time to follow us on socials and get looking sis as we have completely rebranded.

Think warm neutrals, clean look AND looks great in your bathroom for shelfies (is that still a word the cool kids use?) Anyway, we think you will love it!

Why the change? Well marble and foil is like sooo 2016, but in all honestly we just felt it was a good time for a change to match our salons and trends.

We have also made ​​Body Wash and Moisturiser into larger 345ml sizes for our favourite people - those that follow pre and tan prep religiously of course!


What you will also notice is the new numbering system to make it super easy to know which steps to take and the right order! Let’s break it down below:

  1. Gentle Cleaning Body Wash - wash away the day, but keep you tan at bay
  2. Hydrating Body Moisturiser - after every shower every day for the rest of your life, and no we are not kidding
  3. 2 in 1 Gradual Tan - you NEED to add this to your routine if you like to only need to tan every 2 weeks
  4. Face Tan Mist - a healthy glow + minimal makeup required - sign me up!
  5. One Night Tan - a must for nights out or for the person that lives a very social life and likes to be bronzed the day before tan night
  6. Secret squirrel we can't say too much about this BUT it’s coming in a white bottle and helps take your tan off… ok I have said too much!

If you want to chat to us about our range more in depth (or just chat!) we can book in a complimentary 15 min chat with Jasmine or Kiani every Tuesday via our Calendly.

And of course for any of your training needs we have our Bella Bronze Tan Academy - suitable for all levels of tanning to learn and grow the BBT way.

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