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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The most frequent questions we receive at Bella Bronze. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more guides and information on our products and tans.

    Q: How long do I have to wear the tan before I shower? 

    A: Every request is different so there is no set wear time for everyone. Your technician will give you a set time to shower after assessing your skin and after completing the application. It can be from 1-4 hours, or over night for those wanting a darker result or being tanned late at night.

    Q: Do I have to go naked when getting a spray tan? 

    A: Of course not, you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you like, Its YOUR tan so you are welcome to wear whatever makes YOU feel comfortable. Whether it’s your own underwear, bikinis, a disposable g string or nude, our technicians are comfortable with any choice you decide.

    Q: What do I wear after my tan?

    A: Loose, dark fabric made of cotton or linen is best. Stay clear of satin, silk, leather or lycra as these fabrics draw moisture off the body, resulting in leaving marks over the body.

    Q: Will I go orange?

    A: No way! Our solution was created to enhance the natural skin tone, minus the “Ginger Ninja’ glow. Your technician will assess your skin prior to application and tailor the tan to suit your request. Please repeat after me “My tanner knows best, I must shower when she says so.” #preach

    Q:What is the secret to a long lasting tan?

    A: Hydration, hydration, hydration! We cannot preach this enough – increased water intake helps your skin act as a sponge. This teamed with daily moisturising and short showers will result in an even fading, long lasting tan that is easy to remove!

    Q: When should I get a tan for my wedding? 

    A: We recommend 2 days prior for the best result but the day before will also be fine. This allows the sufficient time for the cosmetic bronzer to leave the skin and not leave marks on your dress. We recommend booking a trial tan at least 2 weeks before your wedding to ensure you’re happy with the colour. Natural looking brides are the way to go!

    Q: Can I get a spray tan whilst pregnant or breast feeding? 

    A: We always recommend you consult your GP prior to tanning for peace of mind. We tan many breastfeeding and/or pregnant ladies on a regular basis.

    Q: Do spray tans protect me from the sun?

    A: Absolutely not! You may have found that you don’t burn as much when you have a spray tan, but it’s all an illusion as spray tans do not contain SPF so underneath you are causing damage to your skin. So SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!

    Q: Can I swim after having my tan?

    A: We recommend to avoid swimming, high intensity exercise and moisturising within the first 24hrs as our rapid solution continues to develop after the initial shower.

    Q: Will swimming in chlorine ruin my tan?

    A: Not necessarily. After swimming it is best to rinse the skin to remove any chlorine and apply moisturiser to rehydrate the skin. Please note that swimming in chlorine for long periods of time can alter the longevity and colour of the tan. Keep hydrated with lots of water to rehydrate from the inside.

    Q: What products do you recommend to prepare skin & prolong the tan?

    A: Organic, unscented products that do not contain parabens and mineral oils are the best. Avoid washing hair directly before your appointment as this can leave oils and sulphates on the skin that can leave white streaks on the body upon application.

    Q: How do I properly apply the mousse so it doesn’t go patchy?

    A: Apply moisturiser to your hands, feet, knees and elbows and armpits prior to tanning. Stand in front of a full length mirror and pump once or twice onto the mitt and apply to the main areas of the body first in even strokes, blending as you go. Once you have finished, go over the areas that have been moisturised with the excess on the mitt (do not add any extra tan to the mitt) quickly and gently as these areas have the tendency to absorb more colour due to them naturally being dryer parts if the body. For darker results, reapply a second layer directly after the first, following the same directions.

    Q: How long will my tan last?

    A: Your tan will last anywhere from 7-14 days depending on your skin type, request and pre and post tan care. We recommend taking short showers (yes even in the middle of winter, trust us!) always patting dry with a towel, not rubbing. Moisturise morning and night with natural products to extend the wear (no Nivea, Dove, Palmers etc) if it smells really good, its not good for your tan!

    Q: What’s the best way to remove old tan? 

    A: Proper Care of your tan should make it quite easy to remove with a specialised tan removal mitt (available in our salon). Bi carb soda is also a god send for stubborn tan – 20 minutes soaking in a bath will do the trick!

    Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range!

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