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Ultimate Tanning Pack


Bella Bronze Tan Ultimate Tanning Pack includes:

  • 200ml Mocha or Violet Mousse
  • Gentle Cleansing Body Wash (Lemon & Chamomile)
  • Hydrating Body Moisturiser (Grapefruit & Vanilla)
  • Exfoliating Mitt
  • Self Tanning Mitt

Gentle Cleansing Body Wash - Lemon & Chamomile

Our invigorating and Gentle Cleansing Body Wash - Lemon & Chamomile will assist in repairing and reconditioning the skin, whilst maintaining the colour of your Bella Bronze Tan!

With a blend of aloe vera, chamomile extracts and natural oils such as avocado, jojoba, rosehip and lemon myrtle, your skin will be left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and hydrated. NO SLS, parabens or nasties that wull strip your PH level OR your tan.



Using only a small amount, lather gently onto the body with a shower sponge or hands. Our wash is a low foaming formula and will rinse off easily under the water. Best followed by our Bella Bronze Tan Hydrating Body Moisturiser after towel drying, to extend the wear of your tan.

Hydrating Body Moisturiser - Grapefruit & Vanilla

Our soothing and gentle Hydrating Body Moisturiser - Grapefruit & Vanilla will assist in the maintenance of your Bella Bronze Tan whilst providing much needed hydration that will last for hours.

With our blend of skin firming extracts such as aloe vera, goji and grapefruit with nourishing avocado, jojoba, rosehip and vanilla oils, your tan will last longer, fade off more evenly and improve the look and feel of your skin.

With the added benefits from nourishing and antioxidant rich ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E,  your skin will be feeling and looking fabulous around the clock!



For the best results, massage gently onto the body directly after showering to maintain the skin's moisture.



Store moisturiser in a cool, dark environment out of direct sunlight and heat, store below 20C. This product does not contain sunscreen or protect againstUV rays or sunburn.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Perform a test patch prior to full body application and discontinue use of irritation occurs. This product may stain or discolour certain materials.

Exfoliating Mitt

Our Tan Exfoliating Mitt is your secret weapon to a flawless tan everytime. This mitt has been designed to not only help with removing your old tan, it will leave your skin rejuvenated as it removes dead skin cells, helps keep cellulite at bay, improves circulation and prepares your skin for your next tan application. 



For best results, we recommend using this mitt at least 6hrs prior to your appointment for the best result with warm water and a firm circular buffing motion. Avoid eyes, lips, irritated skin or open wounds. 


Care Instructions: 

Wash mitt thoroughly with a small amount of our Gentle Cleansing Body Wash after each use and hang to dry. Do not place the mitt in the washing machine or dry clean.

Self Tanning Mitt

Our Velvet Luxe Application Mitt has been designed to provide the most even and streak free tan. For use with our Self Tanning Mousse and Instant Bronzer. 



Prior to tanning, ensure the mitt is dry. Place your hand inside the mitt and pump the mousse onto the mitt and apply to the body in even strokes or a circular motion. Pay attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. 



Wash the mitt using warm water and a small amount of our Gentle Cleansing Body Wash, only once your tan has been washed off. Air dry only. Do not place the mitt in the washing machine, dryer or dry clean. 

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Weight 600 g

Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range!

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