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    Bella Bronze Tan


    As the go-to brand for some of the country’s most known celebrities, sports stars and influencers, Bella Bronze Tan is the preferred solution of professional tanning salons and individuals alike.
    Bella Bronze

    The Go To Brand

    Deep Bronze Glow and Summer Vibes

    Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range!


    Your skin and body deserves the best natural ingredients. Bella Bronze Tan is 100% vegan.


    Natural and Organic ingredients in their purest form are used in all formulations and products- without any nasty smells!


    Our solution has even fade technology that allows for a longer lasting tan and gradual fade

    Cruelty Free

    Our ingredients are tested on friends and family, not animals.

    Australian Made

    Bella Bronze Tan is 100% Australian made and owned!

    perfect shades

    About The Range

    Quality Assured

    Australia’s preferred tanning range offers babes all over the world a luxe tanning range and delivering a perfect golden sun-kissed Australian tan we know and love!

    Our range features professional salon solutions, specifically formulated competition tan, as well as personal at-home tanning products including instant bronzer, mousse, tan moisturiser and body wash.


    The Bella Bronze Tan ingredients are derived from our very own salon quality formula. With no hidden nasties, our solutions are super fine, luxurious and instant!


    Developed and manufactured in Australia with skin firming technology, our fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blend is suitable for all skin types.

    Where it all began

    Our History

    Bella Bronze Tan founder, Jasmine Scarr first started her mobile tan business in 2007, when the original salon she was working at decided to rebrand and move away from the tanning industry. While her mobile tanning business was a success, Jasmine wasn’t completely satisfied with the products she was using on her clients. In 2014, Jasmine took a leap and launched her own range of professional tan and started from scratch by developing a solution unlike anything offered on the market. Backed by two years of research and ongoing work with cosmetics labs and formulation teams, the development of her very own professional spray tanning solution was born. The holy grail of flawless professional tanning was launched as Violet Professional Solution. The formula is used in numerous salons across Australia, New Zealand, Bali, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Canada and the United States. The success of the brand has then allowed Jasmine to develop a further 6 products in the range, with more on the way. The Bella Bronze Tan features technology that is not like any other product on the market, making it a clear favourite in the tanning industry.

    Superior Quality


    Natural & Organic Ingredients, 100% Vegan


    Bella Bronze Tan is a specially formulated, cruelty free tanning formula of both professional and personal tanning products and accessories.



    We offer a range of professional services at House of Beauty on the Gold Coast and Brisbane including spray tanning, hair and makeup, eyelash extensions and skin & body treatments.



    See the full list of Bella Bronze Tan stockists across Australia and internationally in the drop down from the About Us section, along with info on becoming a wholesaler with access to discounted pricing.



    Bella Bronze Tan is an international sensation and available at selected stockists across the United States and New Zealand. For enquiries, visit our Wholesales & Stockist page.

    The Bella Bronze Crew

    Meet The Team

    Capturing the Iconic Bronzed Gold Coast Lifestyle, Bella Bronze Tan is Australia’s leading professional and personal tanning range!

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