Fitness Tans

The #1 Comp Tan & Makeup Team on the Gold Coast

“There is no other brand we would trust our team with – everyone can spot a Bella Bronze Tan on stage!”

Hannah, Granite Conditioning.

We know EXACTLY what colour you need to be and understand that after all the hard work you have out in to get on that stage, your tan is what will set you apart from the rest.

Our girls are highly trained in every style of fitness tanning – from Bikini to Bodybuilding and we know just how the judges from each Federation like you to look.

Now we know how stressful the lead up can be, so to make it just that little bit easier for you all we have put together the Ultimate Comp Package! What does this include?

+ Both your base & top coat tans
+ Makeup (incl strip lashes)
+ Hair styled with your request (advanced upstyles are extra)

And all done at the ONE location so there’s no need to drive around from place to place!

Starting at $240 for Gold Coast and Brisbane competitions
**Figure competitors and interstate competitions are slightly extra

We also have our popular Tan Package:

  • Includes your Base & Top coat tans – starting from $90


Q: What is a base tan, when do I get it done and why do I need it?

A: SIMPLE! A base tan is done to give the skin a rich undertone to work with and is done the day before (or 2 days before if you are naturally fair skinned for a little more processing time) The tan is left on overnight and washed off the following morning – bodybuilders/figure we may request you to not wash this off. We use our Organic Rapid Dark solution as this produces a dark chocolate colour.

Q: What does the top coat do, when do I get it done and do I need to touch it up after?

A: We use Jantana High Definition which is formulated purely for stage day! Our technicians spray the formula on and by doing so, there is no messy transferring of the colour throughout the day and no need for touch ups. We only spray from the neck down on females as they will be straight off to hair and makeup after, men we spray the face slightly lighter than the body to still show their facial features off in the model categories. These tans will NOT be washed off until AFTER their competition.

Q: What do I need I do prior to comp day?

A: All waxing to be done a MINIMUM 48 hours prior to ensure there is no residue from the wax left on the skin and the pores have settled down. As you will be sleeping in your base tans, please ensure you either wash your hair before stage day as you will need CLEAN, DRY hair for styling. All other pre tan directions apply – check out our FAQ page for more information.